This post isn’t by one but 3 diehard gooners I know, yours sincerely included. Do read on. Well worth it. @drasaq01: I have never written a post-title winning piece. Today, that has changed. I was too ill to see the game. Had to rely on the internet and @hrhlordsleek for updates. Did this take the […]

Good morning. Midweek games are up with the fun games really being played today after being treated to some prehistoric, gladiatorial, boring footie yesterday.(It is a mark of the match level when Maroune scores the only goal; actually when Maroune scores at all).Enough with that, on to the Arsenal. The tube strike allowing, Arsenal would […]

Goodmorning and welcome. Being a while (more than just a while. I know, I know) *blows cobwebs**opens windows*. But back I am. This piece has no news. It is just an outpouring. Do read and bear with me. Gooners would understand. Football is more than just a game(apologies to Guinness), it is a source of […]

One week of great entertainment, goals, artistry, fun, intrigue and most of all shocks. I always knew there would be a shock in this round of the Champions League but never in my wildest dream did I think it would come from the San Siro. From Celtic Park to the Mestalla to the Donbass Arena […]

Happy new year guys (or girls, as appropriate). You’re probably wondering why it took us 14 days to wish y’all a happy new year. Well, here’s a logical explanation. We’ve all been busy with our individual lives and yours faithfully hasn’t had the best of times lately (I refuse to be tempted to bore you […]

Well, I have avoided posting for some couple of weeks now. Yes, it’s no error. I meant to type ‘avoided’. There has been nothing noteworthy to talk about Arsenal that most aren’t talking about everywhere already. It really is sad. So sad I’m now numb from the sadness. And instead of the deep sighs that […]

This post was written by Jaycrown, a guest writer and gooner friend of many gooner heartaches. Do enjoy. Tell me I am wrong! It’s the end of a bad or hectic week and you reach that moment when all you look forward to is the 90 minutes of dazzle. That instant of time when you […]