Monthly Archives: April 2012

Wigan Loss unacceptable but we have to move on

Arsenal did it again! Its actually funny when you expect a good result and you already prepare for it but you end up getting disappointed. That was what happened when we played against Wigan, I decided against watching the match at home so I went to a viewing center to watch it with fans of […]

CLASS 1 Cash 0

It’s 11pm and I don’t know if I should say good evening or good night. Whichever way, I believe y’all get the drift. This here is my first post on this blog, and the first blogpost in my entire 20-something years of life. May it be a ‘shina’ of positive things in our lives. It […]

You Can’t Buy Class

Good day to yall.And it sure is a good day especially if you are a gooner like yours sincerely.A week that started out with talk of the point gap between the manchester clubs without regard for their opponents culminated in a beautiful,to-be-savoured-for-eternity( nasri being on the losing side makes it more enjoyable too) game as […]

Chamakh’s Shisha Pipe

Morning everyone (irrespective of the time you’re reading this 😀 ), As you know this is my first post on this blog so I just think I should give you a little introduction. This is a strictly Arsenal blog that will discuss news items that concerns Arsenal as a club or its players, match previews […]