Chamakh’s Shisha Pipe

Morning everyone (irrespective of the time you’re reading this 😀 ), As you know this is my first post on this blog so I just think I should give you a little introduction.
This is a strictly Arsenal blog that will discuss news items that concerns Arsenal as a club or its players, match previews and reviews plus other tits bits. I’m not the only writer on this blog and you will be seeing more of the others subsequently.

Well, its a wednesday morning and there is little to discuss about the club if all you are trying to do is to forget the defeat against QPR and also because we are out of the champions league so we have no midweek fixture.

So you can imagine the surprise on my face when I looked at the ‘papers‘ and blogs around and I realized that our “turkey”(Maroune Chamakh) from morocco is making the headlines for the wrong reasons.

Chamakh was pictured smoking  “shisha pipe” with Tarabt ( one of the QPR players) after Arsenal’s 2-1 defeat against QPR. Its sad that chamakh is getting all the stick for smoking “shisha pipe” which is just the same as smoking tobacco through a pipe. First of all, smoking tobacco isn’t illegal and also, the club ethics is not against it.
And second of all, he wasn’t caught drinking beer or anything close to that and then stagger out of the club to pick up a fight with a guy just like steve Gerrard did; he wasn’t also drunk and caught staggering out of the club with his pants down just like Nik Bendtner a few years ago.
Another point the press are using against him is that he was caught with Tarabt, and they were quick to jump to the fact that they were celebrating QPR’s victory (seriously, how dumb can that be); Tarabt is from Morocco just like MC29 is and there is nothing bad in hanging out with your country mate irrespective of which club he plays for, I don’t wanna believe you want him to go like “how dare you score against my club when I’m lounging on the bench, don’t you know that its like a slap on my face? Never talk to me again, Tarabt”.

I believe the reason the press jumped on his case is because he’s a guy that rarely fills the pages of the newspapers, he doesn’t score goals, doesn’t moan about being on the bench, he doesn’t whore himself out of the club and also because he is an ARSENAL player. There are lot of footballers who smoke, its just surprising that the Daily mail in England decided to go on Chamakh’s back, I’m sure the editor of the newspaper doesn’t know the difference between a camel and a turkey.

And I believe most of the Arsenal fans criticizing MC29 are doing so mainly because of his form and the fact they want him out of his club. I’m sure nobody would have complained if it was RVP or Vermaelen that was caught smoking.

Please, let’s give the guy a break and not tarnish his little reputation as I’ll want us to make as much money as we can in the summer when we finally get to “move him on”.

Another news making the rounds was that Wilshere was going to play in a behind-closed-doors match with the reserves against the brums today, I don’t know how true it is though. But if its true, its a great news coming at this time as we need lot of options in the final seven games we are to play if we really want to cement that third place on the league table.

I guess that’s all from me for today… I’ll be back to celebrate the Chelsea loss against Benfica with you. I do really hope that they lose.



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  1. Cool first article, rather comical anyway. Can’t a nicca just smoke in peace? Btw Chelsea didn’t lose..

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