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It’s 11pm and I don’t know if I should say good evening or good night. Whichever way, I believe y’all get the drift. This here is my first post on this blog, and the first blogpost in my entire 20-something years of life. May it be a ‘shina’ of positive things in our lives.

It gladdens my heart so to announce (although most of y’all know by now, I’ll still tell it; shoot me if you like) that the boys back at the Emirates Stadium did not allow my first post be a whimpering due to a loss. Thanks guys.

The Arsenal-ManShitty game was widely anticipated in footydom – both sides needed a win: citeh to keep hanging on to manure’s coat-tails and the Arsenal to reclaim third spot from the noisy neighbours down the road and put them where they rightly belong – beneath us. The Sunday evening kick-off aptly showed it was the game of the weekend, at least for both sides.

Kick-off, and my beloved AFC had all of the play. It got to a point I had even forgotten the Arsenal team came to the pitch with a goalkeeper. This was epitomised by the younger Toure’s yellow card early on. In spite of all the possession though, a thought kept nibbling at the ebb of my Gooner mind: this is the Arsenal, don’t be shocked when citeh score with the first opportunity they get and then citeh would run riot and then all the possession would mean nothing, and then…well you know the rest. The team proved me wrong though. we piled on the pressure and never appeared to rest at all. At a point possession was 72% in our favour.

TR7 was the fiddler for Arsenal’s violin, not recently surprising though, and he had a volley blocked for a corner. We were so imposing that I think that is the reason RvP didn’t get a PK. Although he went down easy, it was obvious he was bulldozed to the ground. It coulda been given in some circumstances. But then, we aint manure. Then he had a header deflecting away from goal off Vermalaen. We could easily have been two-nil up. Still no citeh threat. Then came the stamp on Song by balotelli. The stamp went unpunished but our Camerounian import showed he was a true African and came back after running-off the knock. There was no citeh threat until about the 24th minute. Then that scary moment flashed when mario almost scored off a corner. All the while, citeh’s forwards were becoming increasingly frustrated, both by AFC’s offside traps and her defence wasting no time in removing lumps before they became cancers. There was another scary moment when I thought mario was through on goal, but Szczesny showed why he is dependable (when you exclude his kicking though). It was a big risk cos he coulda missed the ball but no risk, no reward, right? RvP hit the post, then had a goal disallowed for offside. Laurent got carded and is suspended for the next two games. Ramsey and the Ox came on for Yossi and Theo respectively albeit at different times. At that point were it was beginning to look like it would be a typical Arsenal story of doing the playing but not winning, Arteta popped-up with the winner at the 87th minute with a question from 25yards which hart had no answer or expo to. I lost ma voice celebrating that goal, but dayum, was it worth it!!!!

Even with the goal, I still had the fear we’d lose concentration and concede, especially with tevez on. But the boys showed me we aint like those spectators who ball-watched while he assisted nasri a few weeks back. I’m still buzzing from the win. I was one of the few Gooners who felt the citeh hurdle was insurmountable and the best we could hope for was a draw. I was proven wrong and for once I totally love that.

Yeah, mario’s sending-off. Twas long due. Shoulda been earlier in the match if the referee hadn’t forgotten his eyes at his bedside. Credit to Bac for drawing the two yellows outta him, not by diving the bale-way but by outplaying the hothead from italy. Ok, I know. It’s Ghana. You happy now? nasri and clichy, hmmm, what more can I say? It was there for you to see at the Emirates: YOU CAN’T BUY CLASS.

Victoria Concordia Crescit




  1. This is cool… Nice write-up…. so Kos is out for two matches? r u sure abt that?

  2. hrhlordsleek · · Reply

    thanks mate…yes, I am. his caution for that tackle on barry was his 10th of the season. that carries a 2-match suspension.

  3. john bosco · · Reply

    I’m happy u guys did it for man u,cool write up too

    1. hrhlordsleek · · Reply

      You welcome bro. Thx for taking time out of your busy schedule to read. E seun gan

  4. i heard that he wont be suspended coz this is a new quarter but if he does get suspended…. thats bad!

  5. kos bn out z nt rily bad.wud jx miss d wigan game.wud b available for the cjelsea game.

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