You Can’t Buy Class

Good day to yall.And it sure is a good day especially if you are a gooner like yours sincerely.A week that started out with talk of the point gap between the manchester clubs without regard for their opponents culminated in a beautiful,to-be-savoured-for-eternity( nasri being on the losing side makes it more enjoyable too) game as Arsenal showed the bots(boys) from Etihad how it is done.

With a win recorded by the man utd a few hours before kick-off at the Emitares,the onus now laid on man citeh to take all three points. Going by what ended up happening,i think Mancini left the script or forgot to e-mail it to Wenger.

A high-tempo,edge-of-seat, nail-biting game(excepting the animalistic tendencies exhibited by Mario) that would excite football purist was what it all turned out to be. A game settled by a sublime whooosh of a shot by the venerable Arteta(of course after near goals by RVP including a quite embaraasing episode that involved a defender ;looking for a lost needle that was judged offside and an especially painful one that hit the bar after an exquisite floated pass by Song).

Taking a moment to reflect,one does wonder if their was an alien invasion of arsenal players just before the QPR game.Anyways,well done Gooners and f*ck to Nasri cos form is tempoary but class is permanent.The grass sure ain’t greener at Manchester.

That is all for now folks.namaste. 




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