Wigan Loss unacceptable but we have to move on

Arsenal did it again! Its actually funny when you expect a good result and you already prepare for it but you end up getting disappointed.
That was what happened when we played against Wigan, I decided against watching the match at home so I went to a viewing center to watch it with fans of other clubs (especially chelsea fans), I was expecting us to win the match and go ten points ahead of chelsea. “Mind the Gap” was what I planned saying, “We have 67 points while you have 57; will you mind to mind the gap?,” It was well rehearsed, so I put on my Arsenal jersey and took along a chilled bottle of lucozade boost.

The match started and we started on a strong note, Vermaelen played a shot that was off target and I was buzzing, expecting us to score the first goal in the first ten minutes but Roberto Martinez’ team had other plans, Yossi Benayoun flicked a header but Wigan’s goalie saved expertly, RVP then played the corner which none of our players could direct towards goal and they stood there ballwatching as Wigan broke out on a sweet counter attack to score the first goal.

The chelsea fan beside me tapped me and I smiled at him, confident that we were going to equalize soon.

Play started and Arteta went off for treatment and Wigan took advantage of the extra man to attack us and scored the second goal before Arteta could get back into the game. At that point, I knew in my mind that, it was going to be a tough match as going two goals down in the first ten minutes against a team struggling for EPL survival is a dangerous thing to do.

We then started piling a bit of pressure on Wigan who were a bit content with playing us on the counter. Our pressure paid off when Vermaelen scores, thanks to a sweet cross from Rosicky.

It was at this point that the “unemployed coaches” who think that they know more than the manager started ranting.

I still do not understand why Arsenal fans fail to handle defeats, We win today and they go like “We are the best team in the world” I can remember one of them saying that “we’ll beat Barcelona with this team” and then when we lose, they go like “we are the worst team in the world”.

I am not making excuses for the team, I just think we should be a little more constructive in our criticism, saying shit teams about the team or getting on a player’s back is not going to help matters.

Wigan played very well yesterday as they were quicker and stronger than us in the match but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t put on a good display after the two goals were scored. This was a match where we had 63% of possession and 23 shots. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be beating the likes of Wigan but this kind of result occurs in football and you just have to take it on the chin and move on, the players have to regroup, analyze the mistakes they made in the match, correct them and prepare for the match against chelsea.

Speaking about Chelsea, they have a very tough and almost impossible assignment against Barca this evening, the anti-chelsea part of me wants them to have a large margin loss but the Gooner part of me wants them to play a score draw as that will give them something to fight for in the second leg and influence them to rest some of their key players against us on saturday. Whichever way, I wish them all the very WORST.

To a little news about Arsenal, Jack Wilshere has been ruled out of the season and I think that is good news as I want him to have a very good rehabilitation and come back fresh for next season with a good preseason, won’t it be great to see wilshere in Nigeria? 😀

We can’t afford to have Wilshere play in the Euro’s and have a reoccurence of the injury or play below par due to his injury and have the english press jump on his back and say stupid things about him. A good example is Aaron Ramsey who was playing really well before shawcross “denched” his leg and he missed an entire season plus a year of development or Eduardo who had a nasty injury and had problems getting back to being his former self. I think when a player has a long term injury like that, he should be introduced slowly into the game.

Another injury news is that, Arteta is been rumoured to be out of the season, I don’t know how true it is but I guess we can be certain that he’ll miss the chelsea match.

That’s all from me for today, I’m sorry you haven’t been seeing much of me, I’ve been going to a lot lately, I’m sure you’ll see more of me nowadays.




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  1. i can’t believe ramsey even received death threats on twitter…like we always need a scapegoat every season.

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