Where Do We Go From Here?

Being a while since my last post(an understatement,right) but here goes.apologies.
Being a gooner for mor than a decade(of course no where that runny mouth Piers Morgan) and seen the club go through many phases; even our current 7-year trophy drought. The beginning of July saw the majority of gooners(yours sincerely included) looking forward to the beginning of the new season with a feeling of hope;hope of the possibility that the early acquisition (very un-Wengerish)and arrival of olivier giroud and lukas podolski could translate into silverware;quenching the trophy-thirst of the collective. So it remained until the July 4th bombshell (he probably synchronised it with the USA 4th of july fireworks)dropped by our best performer by far,Robin van Persie. The club captain in an open letter posted on his website stated his intent not to sign a contract extension but what he left unsaid is his desire to seek pastures different and soon. His reasons? The club’s vision not gelling with his;that to me is just a load of bollocks. It is quite callous and disloyal coming from a player who just had his first full injury-free season; a player whose long-heralded potential just blossomed into ability. Added to this is the seemly slap-in-the-face the statement his to Arsene,who(though I have gripes with him) stood by him through years of being more on his bum than on his feet doing what he was being paid for.
However,RvP’s letter was followed immediately by that of arsenal second highest shareholder- Usmanov. A letter stating Usmanov’s desire to take the club to the heights by providing the necessary ammunition(I.e money,wht else?) to compete while at the same time highlighting the inadequacies of the Kroenke-led board. In my opinion,the letter is well-crafted,illuminating but sight must be made of its timing and the unsaid.
So,here are the facts- we have a runaway player in RvP, a boardroom that is on the brink of implosion and probably a team running the risk of being weighed down.
The question therefore is: where do we go from here?

Till the next post,namaste.



  1. hrhlordsleek · · Reply

    Well, the answer can’t be far-fetched. There is only one person who can lead us to that place whr we are to go from here. An d that person is AW, though much maligned and criticised (most times destructively) by fans, yours truly included. The effect of RvP’s statements on the team can be measured effectively by Reice Charles-Cook’s tweets shortly after the bombshell was dropped. And since squads are always rarely loyal to the board, it’s up to Arsene to bring the squad together and lead us on to the next phase.

    No doubt, AW would have been devastated that night. Except he knew it was coming, of course. But I think it’s a blessing it has come somewhat early, giving the team relatively enough time to shake off the effects of RvP’s declaration before the new season officially begins.

    And shake off we must. That is the only ‘where’ we can go from here, ‘here’ being where AW must realise that gone, far gone, are those days when loyalty was a substantial chunk of reasons for putting pen to paper or pulling on a shirt.

    The show must go on. And it’s up to Arsene to lead us on.

    1. Do agree wit ur way 4wod.bt den Rvp behavour opens d room 4 dissent.scares me wht cud hapn if players c ds method as a way out.precedence z wht I m talkn abt.newais,a trophy-winning campaign wud counter dt.d season z 40days away.

  2. Nice post, bro. i am actually glad rvp told us early, we can easily make our decision whether to sell him now or keep him for d last year of his contract. With regards to usmanov’s letter, i looooovvvvvveeeee it, especially the timing, its gonna put loads of pressure on the board and it will keep them on their toes. I’m not saying we shud sign messi but at least we should fill the holes in the team. We need a proper deputy for sagna and maybe a creative mf if arshavin goes. We can patch up d oda areas with some upcoming kids like le coq, yennaris et al. And wrt RVP, he’s a bloody bastard

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