Heads Up…

Morning Gooners, or as @thateaser will say, Goons. Pretty chilly wednesday morning we’ve got today.

Well, what have we got today about all things Arsenal? I doubt we will be free from transfer stories till it’s 00:01 01 September 2012. I wonder when that transfer window will be when we’ll be free from speculation about our players or when we are comfortable with our squad and therefore aren’t rumoured to be trying to sign every Tom, Dick and Harry. All the pun in the world intended.

So much so, that an Arsenal supporter on twitter, took to twitterverse, to cheer himself up from the depths of his depression by saying ‘sources’ (I believe that word is most used around the world during transfer windows, seeing the amount of followership footy gets around the world) said Arsenal would soon tie-up a deal for a certain Zef Kolombi. In no time, my people, that name ws trending on twitter. Who did he turn out to be? An Albanian artist who died in 1949!

Anyway, Zef helped take our minds off Nuri for a bit. In a fashion that is becoming increasingly typical, his transfer to Arsenal on loan has dragged-on. Imo, for the right reasons. We are THE ARSENAL! The greatest club the world has ever seen! We can’t be a training ground for other clubs’ players. I hope the future transfer fee is agreed upon soon and the move is made official. So we can off-load the excess baggage before the closure of the window.

Rumours, yes a word akin in frequency of usage to ‘sources’ at certain times of the year, have it we are back in for Yann M’villa. Did I think we were really serious about transferring him earlier? No. However, with Song’s exit, I think we need a replacement. Nevertheless, our midfield is already crowded, if you ask me (and if I decide to answer you). So I think it’s a case of Nuri Sahin or Yann M’villa, whichever happens first. The pleasure of having choices, eh? I doubt both will join The Arsenal. Ok, yes, it’s just me hoping Le Coq’s development isn’t hampered. I like that dude. And yes lots of omo and ariel as long as we talking Arsenal.

Yes, we have been linked with Jesus Navas. Who do we not get linked with? I’m still wondering. If there’s any truth in it, does it mean Mr. Walcott is leaving also? Time will tell. The bad news if he does is that he’ll turn out to be like that piece of paper Mr. Gates stumbled on. Whoever signs walcott will have the walcott we expected to see but never did see consistently, imo. Jesus will be good replacement anyway.

The u21s came from behind and with a player dismissed to win 3-1. Conor Henderson, Serge Gnabry, Thomas Eisfield and Ignasi Miquel all impressed. If only our youth players stepped to the plate when it matters….

Anyway, we hear Baba Archer will begin training in 4weeks. Noted. I however think we should not rush him back. And seeing as it’s Monsieur Wenger in charge, I doubt he would. And we shouldn’t expect immediate fireworks from him.

In other news, Andre probably forgot the holidays are over. Arrested for speeding. I expect he should be scolded well. He is an ambassador of The Arsenal. He should know better than to give the Club negative publicity. He’s a fan favourite tho’, so he’ll be forgiven (like it’s really in our place to forgive him *rme*). I hope it’s nothing more than a fine and a warning.

That’s all folks!

Errr, for now tho.

Have a wonderful day

HRHLordSleeK…Victoria Concordia Crescit



  1. KISS.d Albanian joke just goes to show how hilarious our transfer linkages somtyms get.as per Sahin,wud prefer him to M’vila.A GƠ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡D write-up IMNSHO…had d feel of a rooling stone.

  2. Jesus Navas?why am i jst hearing this?

  3. @Abusgar · · Reply

    Even though I don’t do footy. Not even Arsenal. This is a nice one from a Gooner.

  4. Hehe…Look what the cat dragged in!!!

    Good job bruv… Keep it coming man.

  5. Elias Tony Jnr. · · Reply

    Nice one Tony! You really can do better bro! Excellent piece in there!
    Errmm…. As for me, with Sahin in right now, I’ll prefer we employ the services of a defender that can play on the right and centre, as well as a striker(proven), Hulk or Llorente….

  6. Hmm,I don’t rily do football,bt dis s quite nyc @least cumin 4rm a gooner.:D

  7. Sharafa · · Reply

    Nice work bru. Keep it up and who is baba archer?

  8. Nice post, matey…. its good to see its not just me that cant wait for the transfer window to close…. As much as i want us to sign players, i hate the speculations. Lool, Oh ye bloody Goons! loool

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