Andre Santos feeds the media once again

Good morning Goons, it feels quite good to be writing once again. It is just a pity that Nuri Sahin has not signed by the time of writing this but it is all good as it just looks as if we have agreed on the basics and all that is left to be wrapped up are just the mere formalities so we can look forward to having a player that skilled and technically gifted in our team.

Moving on to Arsenal news, i am still wondering why the media sieves the positives out of every news concerning Arsenal and then feed on the negative part of it. After Arsenal drew at home to Sunderland, the media started setting the table for their wonderful breakfast with the headline “Arsenal in Crises”,  they consumed the breakfast and shared the crumbs with other gullible mates of theirs while ignoring Manchester United’s loss to Everton which they claimed to be a slow start to United’s season.
The breakfast got consumed and they were hungry for more Arsenal meal that they can feed on, then they tried feeding on Cazorla’s interview on the Arsenal website where he claimed that Arsenal have to replace RVP and Song but they realized that the news has no weight which made it a salty meal for them to consume and share. Sulkily, they stalked Arsenal about and were happy to see Santos’ silly act which got him arrested and “The Sun” jumped on it like it’s Jimmys JumpOff, Saying how possible it is for him to get jailed, also ignoring the fact that Peter Crouch was fined 1000pounds for a slightly lesser offence. It’s a different set of Rules for Arsenal players, eh?
This leaves me to wonder why the British press treats Arsenal’s case differently from the way they treat other club’s; Do they have an Anti-Wenger agenda or they just do so intentionally so as to sell papers? Whichever way it is, i hope we remain at the top in the view of the media for a long long time, they can run their mouth for all i care.

To the positives, Gervinho and Arteta have been talking to the media to tell them about their optimism for the season, I’m not sure the media has been listening though.
Mikel Arteta talked about the high hopes he has for the Gunners this season and believes they are looking in good shape to have a successful campaign. He also talked about the Sunderland match last weekend:

“We are looking good. We looked really organized on Saturday, just maybe in the final third we didn’t take the chances we should have       done. It will take a while because there have been some new players coming in and we are building a new team.
We know that our new players can make the difference as well. We will have to give them a chance to settle into a new place.”

Gervinho also added a bit of his own:

“There’s great belief that we can contend for trophies. This is important, not only for the players, but also for the Club in general. There is real hope that we can bring trophies to Arsenal. Every player is conscious of this and we’re going to do all we can to achieve it this season. We’ve had a few changes at the Club and there’s a good spirit among the group – we’re all enjoying playing together. Everyone is happy and it goes without saying that the group is up for having a good season.”

It is good to find out that the players are getting over RVP and Song’s departure and i really hope they are ready for this season’s challenges. The best we can do is to take one step at a time and that begins with teaching Tony Pulis a good game of footie at the Britannia on Sunday.

On this positive note, i have to rush off and lay my bed expecting the arrival of a special friend, it seems there’s a “home match” to be played today, i gotta prepare.

Thats all for now.
Long Live The Arsenal!


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  1. Teas!!!!!dts all I have to say.

  2. The media hates us, see the kind of stupid articles they write on

  3. Nice write up, bro… Help me hail that ur friend that is coming oo

  4. The media frenzy dt follows evry Arsenal woe or supposed woe z jx d press feedn dr morbidness.we sure wud gv dem somthn to wryt abt whn we win d lig.

    1. i think we have to win a trophy to get em quiet… Then they’ll find sumtn new to talk abt. The idiots!

  5. oluwaseyi · · Reply

    Nice one

  6. is it true that santos might go to jail? btw, nice write up.

    1. Thanx, i don’t think there’s a chance of him going to jail, he’s a first offender…

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