Nuri gone, the Ox in, the Wil on his way

Goodmorning. It is saturday again and that signals another dose of footie from the English Premier League; though the Arsenal would not be involved until tomorrow(at 13:30 for those not in the know)with a visit to the Britannia,the home ground of the Stokeses. A match I intend giving my tot and thoughts on later.
It is no more news that Nuri Sahin has elected to go play for the kops though they would not participating in the champions league. This comes as a shock but is not really a shock(lol! Wengeresque talk I hear you say as Le Boss showed in “I didn’t say it was dead,I just said it was not alive…” while discussing his dealings in the transfer market as regards a defensive midfielder). The shock lies in seeing a player of Nuri’s ball-playing skills electing to go to Liverpool when the Ar senal was a choice. However,I believe the gaffer would have pushed for it if Nuri was really important to him; an assertation solidified when he said:

“I see Sahin as not a deep,deep midfielder, but a little bit higher. We have Wilshere coming back quicker and he is a similar type of player…”

Already,the Arsenal midfield is populated by the likes of Arteta, Diaby, Santi, the Ox, le Coq, a rejuvenated Rosicky and others. This players are the reason Sahin’s choice is not shocking as his game time would be really slashed into; a situation unlikely in Liverpool bearing in my mind the calibre of midfielders they parade.

The breakdown in talks have of course led to the increase in the murmurings for a defensive midfielder as we have sold Song(a player I keep saying is not defensive midfielder but was just Arsenal’s most defensive midfielder). Moreover, in my not-so-humble opinion, I do not really see the need for a defensive defensive midfielder as we are a ball-playing, possession-holding team that does not depend on soaking the pressure and hitting on the counter-attack. This leaning is obvious in Barca opting for that biscuit-boned cheat,Busquets and selling the strong(defensive defensive) Yaya; it is why players of de Jong’s capabilities grace the bench in a team like Man citeh. Arteta deep-lying role fits the team better than a Tiote-like DM who prowls around.

In other news, it has been reported that Jack’s recovery is moving at a rate faster than earlier envisioned. An improvement I can only accrue to Jack’s willingness to be back on the pitch as the gaffer said ” Everyday he is in early, late going home, is focused and has built up a good basis for his body.” Talk about commitment! The Arsenal can only be better with him available for selection.

Now to Stoke game(yea,I know.shoulda being the 1st on the menu). Well, one win and a shawcrossed Ramsey in six meetings says it all. As things are though,we can’t afford not winning this game. The momentum has to be built and points taken off teams like Stoke in readiness for the tricky matches against top opponents. The Ox is said to be available for selection but not the same for Koscielny; not bad as we have Per whose height I expect to be an asset against Stoke’s “cross and nod” brand of football and a particular dude named Crouch(is it me or does that name seem oxymoronic. The man is about 6ft7 and called crouch?!). I expect a win and a display of more synergy and understanding between Santi and the three frontmen that the boss eventually chooses to start.

That would be all for now, have to go take care of other business unArsenal. Till I come your way again, namaste and… Arsene knows.


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