There is room for improvement but We should not despise the little we have.

We live in a football world where people judge a team by the result it earns. Let me rephrase that, where people judge a team by the number of goals it scores. That leaves little to wonder why Goalkeepers and defenders, defensive midfielders included, rarely get chosen for the best player in the world award. Why people still claim that the only reason that Pablo Cannavaro won the baloon d’oor in 2006 was because of Zidane’s silly act.

But i tend to disagree because football is not just about the number of goals that were scored but also the way a team plays and the effect the players have on the field both defensively and offensively. If it was just about the goals that were scored, why didn’t get more than 1point when we drew Norwich 3-3 last season, or the 4-4 draw with newcastle the season before.

We have to be more balanced and objective in our approach of viewing football matches, we also have to realize that the fact that the team you are playing against are inferior to you does not mean they’ll roll over for you, We all saw Madrid play 1-1 with Valencia and even recently lost 2-1 to Getafe and if i may add, these teams “did not park the bus” like Stoke and Sunderland did but nobody will shout “Madrid in crisis”, PSG has played 3 consecutive draws in ligue 1, there’s no “PSG in crisis” headline. But when it comes to Arsenal that are bedding in 3 offensive players who had little of a preseason, its Arsenal in crisis all over again.

I perfectly understand if it is just the media that are showing this kind of unbalanced sentiments, what is the media for without sensationalism? But when fans of the club close their eyes to the positives and suck on the negatives, it leaves me to wonder why they are still supporting Arsenal.

But as my Grandpa will say, “you see what you choose to see”, be it good or bad. I saw the good and I also saw the other side, not the bad, just what we need to work on… and not just take drastic measures of throwing the baby away with the bad water. We should have gone beyond the level of looking for a “scapegoat” by now, Its only when i was young and watch the national team play that i had that type of mindset, “let me see if we will win, if we do not win, I’ll look for the perfect person to blame for the loss”.

I heard a lot of people saying Diaby was poor in the match just because he failed to score after losing his balance in front of goal while ignoring the amount of work he did defensively, contesting 17 aerial duels out of the 70 that were contested by the team which is the highest number that was contested by any arsenal player on the day even though this is the first time he will be playing two games in a row in recent years, no thanks to his numerous injuries.

I’m not saying the players had a perfect game, it was surely 2 points dropped instead of a point gained because every point counts in the title race. I’m just saying it was not poor but there is still major room for improvement. The understanding between the new players is missing but it is something that will get better over time. Also players like Diaby and Gervais (I won’t call him Gervinho until he starts making better decisions in the final third) has to do away with their “dribble first” priority, Ramsey also has to do away with his unnecessary little flicks etc. There are lot of things that we have to improve on but we should not because of that despise the positives that we have at the moment.

I will leave you with some “what-ifs” before i go, what if Giroud had scored when he had the chance against Sunderland, Also what if Abou diaby scored with the opportunity he had against Stoke. Think about that and think about the way we played and then tell me whether you’ll be saying the same thing you are saying now about the team’s performance.

We all love Arsenal, we just might not agree on a lot of things but I’m sure the love is there. Let’s just be united behind the team.

Victory comes through harmony.

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  1. This is a good article I must say..we all love Arsenal and for me I will stick to that for life..we keep complaining about Wenger not buying players but I tell you today he made the difference this season..Giroud was a good striker in the french league,so far Carzola has impressed and the left footer podolski is not bad the writer as said they only had little pre season preparation.Epl is not easy and for them to blend it will take a little while I guess. These three players were all in their best last season and I hope for the same form this for ramsey he still plays like a “boy” not a man..I think he should go out on a for diaby let’s give him time he has been working on his fitness and also with the help of his personal trainer I hope he gets back is form..its painful but let’s give them time atleast two or three matches more..”Up Gunners”

  2. Sorry for the little errors in the first post..”As the writer has said” and also talking about Diaby “I hope he gets back his form”..In addition,I really want Wenger to go and get a blocking mid-fielder..We have the likes of Tiote from Newcastle, Scott Parker and lots more..

    1. Thanks for your kind comments 🙂 I agree with you, we have to sign another defensive midfielder so as to give Arteta more license to roam. But one thing i’m sure of is that, we’ll be hard to stop when our players gel together. Viva Arsenal!

  3. Ω̶̣̣̥̇̊oτ̣̣̥ a winning a trophy for 7 consecutive seasons has caused most Gooners to lose their objectivity when discussing the club. Much as it is frustrating to go trophyless, note must be taken of all factors such as the cunt-ism and disloyalty of players etc. This season for me has been GƠ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡D so far and like the author implies, Le Β☺§§ is doing his best and we need to see that with this group of players, we are almost @ that proverbial light @ the end of the tunnel.

  4. Nice and articulate,keep it up.p.s why did u change the colour of the site?it is way too dark

    1. Thanks mate. We are trying out new things but we’ll take your comment into consideration, you’ll see an improvement soon.

  5. i agree with you, i think we should be more patient with the team. Nice write-up.

  6. Nice article. I could not agree more with you on the fact that we have achieved so far should be cherished and motivate us to do even better. Lets forget about trophies drought madness and stand behind Wenger whilst focusing on only one task winning every game we play by any means necessary regardless of the opponent. If that would at the end of the day mean trophies we will be glad t have them then.

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