Group A – FC Port0 (POR), Dynamo Kiev (UKR), PSG (FRA), Dinamo Zagreb (CRO)

Group B – Arsenal (ENG), Schalke 04 (GER), Olympiakos (GRE), Montpellier (FRA)

Group C – AC Milan (ITA), Zenith (RUS) , Anderlecht (BEL), Malaga (ESP)

Group D – Real Madrid (ESP) , Manchester City (ENG), Ajax (HOL), Dortmund (GER)

Group E – Chelsea (ENG), Shatkhar Donetsk (UKR), Juventus (ITA) , Nordsjælland (DER)

Group F – Bayern Munich (GER), Valencia (ESP), Lille (FRA), BATE Borisov (BEL).

Group G – FC Barcelona (ESP), Benfica (POR), Spartak Moscow (RUS), Celtic (SCO).

Group H – Manchester United (ENG), Braga (POR), Galatasaray (TUR), Cluj (ROU)

WOW, Group of Death is GROUP D and seriously I do believe Manchester City should qualify along with Real Madrid but that is if they perform away from home especially at Dortmund.

Arsenal play Olympiakos for the third time in four years in the UEFA Champions League. The Group looks pretty tough but I believe with three wins at home and a win away should take the gunners through.

I do feel GROUP C is very open because I don’t see AC Milan as that force in football again and so it should be very open but hopefully they do get through to the next round.

Finally, the list of teams in this year’s champions has been concluded. The lineup include 12 previous winners of the champions league, while three teams are making their debut in the competition.

The draw takes place today at Monaco’s Grimaldi Forum as from 4:45pm and would determine the path of the 32 teams involved. The draw would also include the presentation of the UEFA Player of the Year In Europe.

Champions Chelsea lead the top tier of seeds, which includes Arsenal, Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, AC Milan, FC Porto. The second tier of seeds include Valencia, Benfica, Shatkhar Donetsk, Zenith, Schalke, Manchester City, Braga, Dynamo Kiev. The third tier include Olympiakos, Anderlecht, Ajax, Juventus, Spartak Moscow, PSG, Galatasaray and lille, while the final tier of seeds are Celtic, Dortmund, BATE Borisov, Dinamo Zagreb, Malaga, Cluj, Montpellier, Nordsjælland.

There it is, the team lists for the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. As we all know in any tournament which has the group stages, we always have what we call the GROUP OF DEATH and i have a good feeling we going to have one crazy group this year. Imagine the champions of England, Spain, Italy and Germany in the same group, hmmmmmm, that would be awesome.

But before the real draw takes place, i decided to carry out a mock draw and see how it looks.

Group A – AC Milan (ITA),  Shatkhar Donetsk (UKR), Ajax (HOL), CLUJ (ROU)

Group B – FC Bayern (GER), Manchester City (ENG), Anderlecht (BEL), Montpellier (FRA)

Group C – FC Barcelona (ESP),  Benfica (POR), Spartak Moscow (RUS), BATE Borisov (BEL)

Group D – Chelsea (ENG), Valencia (ESP), Juventus (ITA), Dortmund (GER)

Group E –  Arsenal (ENG), Schalke (GER), Lille (FRA),Nordsjælland (DER)

Group F – Real Madrid (ESP), BRAGA (POR), PSG (FRA), CELTIC (SCO)

Group G – Manchester United (ENG), Dynamo Kiev (UKR), Olympiakos (GRE), Dinamo Zagreb (CRO)

Group H – FC Port0 (POR), Zenith (RUS), Galatasaray (TUR), Malaga (ESP)

It was fun doing this but i doubt we will get anything like this in the real draw today at Monaco.

After the draw, the next thing on my mind is the European Super Cup Match between the Winners of the Champions League (CHELSEA) and the Europa League (Athletico Madrid). I cant wait to see two players show their stuffs to a worldwide audience – Eden Hazard (Chelsea) and Falcao (Athletico Madrid). I have been impressed by Eden in his first three games for Chelsea and would like to see him perform on the big stage. I don’t believe teams like Wigan, Reading and Newcastle are in the same caliber as Athletico Madrid. I do believe Hazard has the talents to succeed but i love to see him on the big stage.

Falcao to me is arguably the best NO 9 in the world, he is fast, quick, brilliant, can hold the line and most of all can score goals. As much as Abramovich has spent loads of money this summer, if he could write a cheque for Falcao, its worth it. Only wish a certain Arsene Wenger could bring out his cheque book and sign him, but i doubt it.

The transfer window is almost over, i seriously cant wait for it to come and go.

Congrats to real madrid for winning the spanish super cup on away goals rule. For the first time in a while barcelona looked ordinary.

Congrats to the Nigerian U20 female team for reaching the semi finals of th U20 world cup. My only fear is are they really really U20.

Other News…….

Please what is going on @QPR, is Theo gonner stay, Berbatov to Fulham, Mbia to QPR, Barton to Marseille, and Liverpool in Europa Liga.

Have a great day.


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  1. Group D is scary mayne… makes our group look like a playground

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