Monthly Archives: September 2012

When is it ok to not be afraid? A trip down memory lane

Goodmorning. This post was inspired by friends with whom I have shared many gooner moments; pain, near-losses, victory, joy, increduility, magic, beauty, the invincible season…you name it. We seen it all in the decade and more since we signed our allegiance over to the Arsenal. It is a trip with bumps, fun and dull moments; […]

A Draw and The Satisfaction of Three Points

NOTE: This post was written and scheduled for this morn. Due to some powers that be however, it only just got posted. Decided to post as it is for the sake of originality. Enjoy! Morning people. If I had written this immediately after the match yesterday, it would have been full of a whole lot […]

A Quick Preview: Man City Vs Arsenal

Morning. I am still a bit sleepy but still have to rush somewhere for some business so I hope you’ll understand if I write some parts of this post in Greek. I am sorry that I’ll have to rush through this post, its just the situations of things at hand. Today is the super Sunday, […]

Matters Arising; Szcenesia; Wilshere Returns; Theo on the way out

It is saturday (for the clueless and hung over), and it is one day to the Etihad test for the faithful. Goodmorning, and do read on as I give you my take on things Arsenal and concerning Goonerverse. Note of warning, this is not our preview of the match, that would done by tomorrow morning […]

Jack is Back + Some Other Gooner Ramblings

Morning gays. Sorry, guys. Had not-enough sleep last night. Don’t ask what I was doing up. ‘Cause I won’t tell. So this may be a bit rushed. Need to get back in bed. Well, Goonerverse was pretty noisy yesterday. Gooners around the world started their day by taking over Twitter with the hashtag #Arsenal #TwitterTakeover. […]

War makes rattling good history; but Peace is poor reading.

I have been reading a whole lot of Thomas Hardy’s quotes lately and I think I have learnt a lot from it. Short quotes can surely have great impacts and the deep meanings that come with them gets seasoned over time. I would have loved to share some with you but I think we have […]

Where are we; where might we be

Goodmorning. Have a backlog of work waiting for my attention, so this post would be somewhat short. The 2012/2013 Uefa Champions League kicked off yesterday with the Arsenal been away to Montpellier and no upset recorded. This post is not a review of the match but rather an opinion/take on the team, her performance till […]