A Gooner’s Thoughts The Morning After Deadline Day

Morning folks. The weekend’s here again. And sadly, or happily as the case may be, it leaves again tomorrow. He just never gives us a reason to not miss him, does he?

Well well well!! There isn’t so much as regards our beloved club today. If that’s a reason to be sad or happy, I do not know. One thing that has been well drilled into me, both at home and in my four years in school, is that perspective is important. And that, is the reason why I find it hard to argue (most times, about footie) with people. I’m beginning to sound off-point. Pardon me.

At last, we are done with the speculations. No more linkages. No more vigils. No more stalking of TLs of folks like @AFCAMDEN, @YoungGunsBlog, etc.*insert sigh of relief here*

Personally, I wasn’t as disappointed as most Gooners were yesterday. The summer transfer window for AFC wow-ed me with the departures of the-one-who-must-not-be-named and alex song. There were less-wowing departures like those of oguzhan ozyakup, kyle bartley, henri lansbury and the totally no-biggy departures like those of alban bunjaku, mr. JuYoung and the self-acclaimed greatest striker that ever balled, nicklas bendtner (leaves me wondering what the likes of de Lima, Trezeguet, Inzaghi, van Nistelrooy, etc should refer to themselves as).

The early arrivals of Santi, Poldi and Olivier (and the later arrival of the 17yo ‘keeper) followed by the clear-out as well as AW’s recent penchant for the trolley dash, got most of us hungry and expectant for more signings as the window wound shut. That, as we found out after keeping vigil, was not to be.

Twitterville was filled with outcry by Gooners, at least on my TL led by the *in a seasoned oau campus politician’s voice* indefatigable, inimitable Piers Morgan. Most of our rants though, are sentimental. Most of those rants were ’cause other EPL clubs were putting their cheque books and fountain pens to use, while ours was gathering more dust.

This, imo, is what made our club seem passive in the window. Unfortunately, we can’t go around wasting hard-earned cash. Examples abound mehn!! Personally, I prefer a cautious approach to transfers to one driven by recklessness. Can someone please tell me where Leeds are now? Portsmouth? Rangers? Yh, I thought so. Thanks to having an accountant father, I believe money when spent, should be well spent.

Another reasonable perspective, pointed out by a friend and which has no reason not to be agreed with, is that AW is probably sick to the stomach of signing mediocre players who are not any better than players in the academy. Is m’villa so much better than Le Coq? Is tiote so much better than a fit Frimmy?

Another question that seems sane to ask is if there are any quality (emphasis on ‘quality’ not young, not talents, just quality) players out there who would be ready to not be a part of our first 11? We have a pretty decent first 18 even, if you ask me (and I decide you are worth answering). Gosh, even that dude mirallas did not join us ’cause we couldn’t guarantee him first team footie! So, how much less quality players?

We have many reasons to be content although we also have a few reasons not to be (for example, we have to put-up with Andrei and Theo’s inconsistencies at least till January). I was discontented before I began typing this, but I began to question myself. Instead of whining about the negatives, why don’t I make myself happy with the positives? I just hope we stay relatively injury-free. The window coulda been better but a whole lot more than twitter’s 140 characters goes into these deals. Don’t worry yal. BE HAPPY!!!

Till we meet again.

HRHLordSleeK…Victoria Concordia Crescit



  1. Agree.it is Ω̶̣̣̥̇̊oτ̣̣̥ just about buying but buying for good reason.d fate of leeds,rangers et al z warning enof against reckless spending.nice write-up.

  2. I toltally agree with you on this, as much as we still have places where we can sign players, we should not just sign anyone. If we’ll sign a striker, it shud be someone far better than bendtner, if we’ll sign a midfielder it shud be someone above tiote. Let’s just hope Arsene is serious about wanting to buy a top top top player… and then stay injury free. I cant wait for ds team to gel.

  3. el Capitan · · Reply

    firstly, I’m not the only fan that thinks Theo should be sold (happy). I didn’t expect Monsieur to sign anybody ystdae and he didn’t disappoint (I went to bed at 10- no vigil)..a fully fit squad in my opinion would def compete. Oops we signed a new midfielder by the name ‘Jack Wilshere’…he’ll join us in November!!

    1. hrhlordsleek · · Reply

      The only position I actually see us needing reinforcements is in the attack. A thought clings to the back of my head, tho, that we’d see theo playing cf this season

      1. Theo might not be bad in a 442 system but he’ll be useless in a 433. His hold-up play is poor and his ball control isn’t the best… Well, i have my well documented reservations about RVP’s first touch too though. U neva can tell

    2. How come u forgot Rosicky? He’s a new signing too 😀 . Long live the Gooner family.

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