Goodmorning; at least I hope it turns out to be.

Like I predicted in my last post, the Arsenal picked up her first three points of the current campaign and at no where else than Anfield, home of the Kops who seem to be walking alone at the moment. Truth be told, I am still having a buzz from the win, the team and Diaby. A 2-0 win, a clean sheet and a team performance like I have not seen from the Arsenal in recent seasons.

The goals saw two of the three new signings opening their EPL goal accounts with Santi providing the assist for Poldi’s goal and the favour being returned in the second half by Poldi when he set-up Santi for the team’s second goal. The goals show that understanding that the gaffer has being hinting at; showed that the potential is there and all that is left is for the team to gel and play with such fluidity and prescience as to know what the other person wants and expects. A situation as seen in both goals where the eventual goalscorer passed to the assist-giver and kept on running, expecting the return pass and getting it; this team can only get better.

This performance however was not just about Santi and Poldi but was made possible by another solid defensive display by the team as a whole. This Bould display is unlike previous Arsenal displays. The team defended as a unit not like it used to be when the job of defending was left to the defenders only (a la Denilson’s strolls, Song’s indiscplined defensive display etc); everyone put in a shift. A perfect example was a moment Gibbs chased a ball upfield, Arteta saw d space and immediately filled it with Diaby dropping back to cover Arteta, that, to me, was heartening to see. Per and Vermaleen were disciplined, the fullbacks were fully at the back (barely saw Jerkinson in the upper end of the field) and the wing forwards fell back to help.

And then…there was Diaby.

Moved like a butterfly, stung like a bee (apologies to Ali). His movements on and off the ball put a tingle up my back, thought I was watching a young Vieira. He tackled, he passed, he ran, he defended, he attacked, he was the epitome what the team as a whole was: hardworking. Just hope he comes back and stays healthy after this international break.

It was not all positives though with most people in the Goonerworld divided in their opinion of Giroud. Some believe he is not the answer to our striker problems pointing to the two sitters he contrived to miss while others preach patience. I for one believe patience is the key as he would soon start scoring; at least Henry didn’t start scoring until november and he is a club legend now.

In other news, the gaffer is being rumoured to have offered the Ox a new contract which would keep him. This of course knowing the Ox still has four years on his current contract. The Wil recovery is coming along very well and when he returns, he would also be “like a new signing”.
That would be all for today, food beckons..again. Till I come your way again, namaste and remember, Arsene knows.



  1. I cant help watching the match all over again… the gameplay was immense and i was pleased with the way we kept our defensive shape all through the match.

  2. jtownmanie · · Reply

    A team with an established top 9, a team with a commanding midfilder (except wil) and we knw he might not be the same player after his injury, santi good buy but don’t think if he will be able 2 raise his game when dis team will need him looks like a future ashavin.. But arteta looks great. The way u described diaby performs make we think OMG!!! Hw do I describe paul scholes performance again tha saints … U all saw the match need I remined u a top 9 scored a hattrick ” you know who”.. Arsenal won’t make that top 4 dis season am sure of it …

  3. jtownmanie · · Reply

    Meant “without” tho

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