Sagna “Bacs” Unnecessarily, We’ll watch Him Eat His Words.

I thought it was gonna be OK after Gallas painted the team black to the media some years ago, I thought it was going to be the end of player’s unguarded comments to the media so I was shocked a bit when RVP revealed his thoughts about the team to the media instead of speaking to the right people. I shrugged it off later on thinking this type of thing won’t happen again as the present crop of players will be wiser and won’t be foolish enough to turn the fans against them and even if they have a problem with the team or how it’s being run, they will speak to Arsene or Gazidiz but No, what do I get? A certain Bacary Sagna who we signed from Auxere in 2007 has taken it upon himself to tell the fans, sorry the media, how “unhappy, disappointed and angry” he is with the way Song has been sold.

Like when your girlfriend has a problem with your spending habit and instead of telling you about it, she goes off and “gists” her talkative and lousy friends about it telling them about how disappointed, angry and unhappy she is about the way you don’t give her everything she wants and then sayings things like;

“I saw Mary and Nancy shopping with their boyfriends last week, I want that. They were right not to date someone like my boyfriend,  but I didn’t know it then. I find all my boyfriend’s actions stupid and irrational. Well, I do not know what to do now, we already planned going to a resort center on our “dating anniversary”, I’ll just wait till then to see if I’ll like to continue dating him. Each person has his own destiny”.

It would have been good a different case if she had told her close pals and not the lousy ones that will eventually say it to my face. I hope you get the analogy.

I have always seen Sagna as a loyal player and I quite understand if he has a problem with the way players keep leaving Arsenal every year but his decision to speak out to the media, especially now that the team spirit is said to be at one of the best in recent year, is a very stupid decision by him. He is still an Arsenal player, he has two years left on his contract and I believe he ought to be more diplomatic with the things he says to the media.

On a real note, saying it to the media is not going to change a thing. It is not going to bring Song back and it is not going to stop the manager from selling whoever he wants to sell. It is only going to make things a little bit complicated for him while playing for us as the overlooked errors he usually makes while playing for us will now be criticized by fans and I’m sure there will be chants of “see who’s talking” when he makes the errors.

I was talking to a friend of mine about it and he asked me if I believe Sagna would have made those comments if he was made the assistant captain in place of Mikel Arteta. To be sincere, I do not think Sagna would have made the comments, I just don’t want to agree with my friend that the major reason he made those comments is because he was overlooked while Vermaelen and Arteta were chosen as Team captain and Assistant Captain even though he did mention the fact that he is the only remaining member of the 2007 line-up but I’ll ignore that.

I hope he does not bring his unhappiness to the pitch when he eventually gets fit enough to play as I’ll love to see him benched if his mind is somewhere else. Leave or stay, Arsenal remains and I’m sure that since we were able to cope with the loss of Fabregas and NasrI last year, we can handle anything. Besides, Sagna shouldn’t be the toughest to replace when he eventually leaves because I believe he will leave. Him saying that Fabregas and NasrI were right to leave shows that he’s already thinking about leaving too and if Arsene is the Arsene that I know, he will already be looking out for a capable replacement for him unless he is as clueless as Alan Harper.

In other news, Emmanuel Frimpong hopes to be back after the international break and he even gave the date he’ll resume training with first team;

“I will be back in full training with the squad on 17th on this month. Two cruciate knee injuries couldn’t end my career. It’s been a long 7 months.”

I’m happy to see him back and I must admit he is a very strong footballer as he has had two career threatening injuries in his short career already and still, he is rearing to get on the pitch unlike a certain Owen Hagreaves.

Now with no club football match this weekend, I pray our players don’t get injured while playing for their countries, we can not afford to get our players injured now and I hope the muscle injury that Giroud has sustained is minor.
That’s all from me for now, see you in the comments section. Thanks for reading!
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  1. I was surprised when i read it too. I think he will leave next season. Nice Post.

  2. do u know whether we will loan out frimpong

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