Tribute to the “Waterboy”

Poetry in motion, that is just how the above picture can be described; a sight for sore footy eyes; a sight Gooners were treated to over the duration of the illustrious, goal-ridden, trophy-laden and invincible season-inclusive stay of Thierry Henry, a legend alive. Taking a guess, the ball is most probably a lobbed pass from Cesc after some grunt work by Flamini…and a goal!!! *insert sigh here*.

However, today is not about Henry, not a lamentation of the lack of EPL games (or maybe it is), not about the players, Le Boss but the unseen; the “waterboys” who are not seen but are contributors to the title winning; they are the unsung, the ones whose pictures don’t make the front nor backpage.

Success at whatever level is a product of hardwork, the coming together of components different and necessary; be they small or large. This is true especially when the goal can only be achieved via teamwork; when the goal is not individual. Having said all these, for the discerning,it is obvious where I am going and if not, do read on(if u do discern,still read on)*smile*.

The Arsenal Football Club was founded in 1886, firstly known as the Woolwich Arsenal before the now known name of Arsenal. A club with the distinction of not being named after a city or location, the Arsenal is a club that has seen, done and being through it all. From being a lower league club, to being one of the founding clubs of the premier league, to being the only clubside never to have been relegated (proud), being boring pre-Wenger and now the Wenger period; years of wins and drought (like we are now). Players came, players went (some of them in cunt-ious ways); some moved us to delirium with their skill and aplomb (Thierry Henry, Ian Wright, Dennis Bergkamp etc) while others raised our ire (a la RvP, Nasri etc) but, barely do we give a thought to that man/boy who cleans the dressing room, the man who sets out the jersies, the ball picker, the water carrier, the physio who keeps them healthy, the team bus driver ,…the list goes on.

These people’s presence, though not generally acknowledged, play roles important to the success of the team. So, today, in acknowledgement, I implore you to let us have a toast for the waterboy, let’s have a toast for the physio, and every other person not here mentioned.

With the improved team, the new sense of urgency pervading this team, the unsung have their roles to till I come your way again, feaast your eyes on the picture, remember Arsene still knows but for success, Victoria Concordia Crescit.



  1. hrhlordsleek · · Reply

    Very thoughtful post sir. Very thoughtful. Big-ups to those unsung heroes never mentioned in the success which they are, in a little but very significant way, part of.

  2. Very nice post, a big shout out to all our female physios. I hope they get to see this 😀

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