Footieless Times

Morning people. How are we today? *insert reply here*

As most know, there has been no elite footie business for about a little over a week now. Reminds me of that time when the last season ended. But even at that time, we had transfer speculation to keep us busy. With this break in football transmission, all is relatively quiet.

In this quiet, however, we hear Le Coq’s murmurings.

He, just as I expect any ambitious football player, wants first team football. He is the reason I did not expect song to be replaced from outside the Club. From the little I’ve seen of him, he has what it takes. Imho even, he is better than song was at his age. I also agree with his desire to play regularly. For him to reach his potential, he needs regular football.

However, I disagree with the timing.

It’s just 3 games into the new season, Francis. At the very least, there are 35 more games in the League, 6 in the UCL, a couple in the C1C and the FA Cup. You’ll get your chance bro. And like you said you would, take it well.

Or, to take a faster route, do a Szczesny on Abou.

Patience, the key word. Or ask for a loan move away. I hope you remember a certain fran merida? Please don’t go his way.

The next round of internationals come-up in the next couple of days. I hope I’m not the only one on my knees. Are you also?

See you soon

HRHLordSleeK…Victoria Concordia Crescit


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