The Footieless times takes an injury twist: Diaby Out, Walcott Out!

You know sometimes, you just take anything that comes your way with the assumption that things could have been worse. There has been nothing to talk about recently and I have been as bored as a lesbian in rehab but I still got myself looking forward to Saturday’s match against Southampton with the thought that “things could have been worse” thinking that it will be OK as long as none of our players end up injured.

We went through the first phase of the qualifiers on friday with no major injury and I was already smiling like a chesire cat saying “this season is gonna be different” not knowing that Lady Luck has another mind. It has now been reported that Abou Diaby has a minor muscular discomfort. As minor as the injury is reported to be, the news started a debate in my mind on whether I should be worried or not as reported minor injuries don’t end up being minor at Arsenal but I will try my best to be optimistic on this and hope it is as minor as it is being reported.

Asked about Diaby, Deschamps said,

“Diaby took a bad shot and he has muscular discomfort. He is not free in his movements. Today he does not train.”

It is believed that Diaby is returning to Arsenal so that he can prepare to face Southampton tomorrow and that this is simply a case of France not wanting to take any chances with the player. Diaby’s problem is not thought to be serious in any way and more precautionary than anything else. So I will try hard to stay positive on this one and hope Diaby is at least fit enough to be on the bench on saturday. Maybe this is the chance Coquelin is waiting for, let’s see how he takes it so we can also get to “take stock”.

It has also been reported that Theo Walcott will miss England’s match against Ukraine as he has picked up some sort of virus and has therefore returned to Arsenal. If these injuries/illness are as minor as I hope it is, maybe it is a good thing it is happening so that these players will miss the main match and thus avoid getting themseves seriously injured unnecessarily.

I read Giroud’s interview on and I must admit that, he is quite a brilliant chap who has the perfect mentality to succeed in the Arsenal set-up. I just hope he scores his first goal against southampton because I know he won’t stop scoring when he starts.

That’s all i’ve got for now. Maybe I should also add that, I think Robin Van Persie will get injured while playing for Holland today. I am not saying that I want him to, I am just saying that he will. If he doesnt, I will buy you a caramello 😀

Have a great day, Goons.
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