Wenger Commits; Diaby a probability


It is thursday and the footie-thirst is still unquenched though there is an oasis just around the corner; the EPL resumes on saturday. The past few days have been eventless and this would probably show in this article’s brevity.

Losing players or being held to ransom by said players because of the proximity to the end that their contracts have has been an issue hashed, rehashed (and in my not-so-humble opinion, overhashed). I do not intend herein to tow that line or fall foul of “overhashing”. Rather brought it up to discuss the gaffer’s leading by example. Ivan Gazidis is said to have offered Arsene a new contract that would keep him at the Emirates for some time to be.

Gazidis said:
“It’s not a sense of sentimentalism, not a reward for our services, it’s a belief that we have an incredible manager who loves this club and is the best man to lead us forward.

We’re really confident about the direction that the club is heading. We’re coming through strongly and we believe we’re really well placed.
We hope and believe that Arsene will be a part of that as we move forward.”

Very well-said I must say, especially the part where he says AW is “…the best man to lead us forward…” It is no news I am pro-Wenger with his faults and all but really, in world football today, who can lead a team in transition, with limited cash and a boardroom in internal strife apart from Arsene.

This also shows intent and gives Arsene the clout to press players into signing-up for the long term seeing as he has already done so; without fuss if I might add (sound out to Theo).

In other news, Diaby is a probability for the Southampton game if the gaffer’s words are to be believed. According to him,

“Diaby has a little bit of pain in his hip. But it’s not serious, there’s even a small chance he might play Saturday.”

This is positive news which I advise should be taken with a pinch of salt though; it is Abou we are talking about here. I hope he makes a quick return and continues from where he left off against Liverpool. He really is like a new signing.

Talking about new signings, it is imperative that fans, followers and nitwits alike give Olivier time to get into his groove as I believe he would come good. There is no cause for alarm yet as the season is only 3 games old and he started only two. Like I have said earlier in another article in this blog, even Thierry didn’t start scoring till November and he is Arsenal’s highest goalscorer ever. Barring the lack of goals, he has impressed with his positional play (it is his run that pulled Agger away and allowed Santi and Poldi the chance to fashion out the 1st goal), defensive work, and general attitude. Hearing the man makes me love him more, *no homo*. He said:

“I need time to adapt to life in the Premier League. At Arsenal I’ve been freezing up just when I’ve been about to pull the trigger, and that happened in my first few matches for France.

I’m not too worried because I’ve been scoring in training and I am comfortable being a part of the team.” What more can one ask of a man?

That would be all for now, have to go get my daily bread while my trespasses are being collated and forgiven.

Till I come your way again, namaste and Arsene knows.



  1. I am sure we won’t have to wait too long as Og12 will probably score a brace against the saints. I don’t want Diaby to get used on saturday, we shud save him for d ucl match.

  2. id rather Diaby is rested on Saturday. There’s no need for him to be rushed back. As per Le Boss, will be good to have him for as long as he can be around. my bro and i still talked about it this morning. if Arsene quits today, who would Gooners prefer as successor that wont revamp the positive Arsenal ways? He really is a good manager. Relatively rigid tactically, but brilliant manager nonetheless.

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