The Media Vultures Attempt To Feed On Arsene’s Future. Arsene Tells Sagna Off.

Morning Goons. It’s a chilly morning over here and I find that rather unusual as it was kind of hot last night. It seems the weather is as confused as the media of the world, now I talk like there is a heavenly media.

Talking about confused media, It is funny how they seem to twist every Arsenal news in order to bring out the negative side to it. Gazidiz recently told us that Arsenal plan giving Arsene Wenger a contract extension and the media were all stressing the fact that Arsene has not won any trophy in the past seven years, even The Sun dished out the headline “7 years + 0 trophy = Contract Extension; Its Arsene Wonga again”. Arsene later said he is not in a hurry to sign a new contract as he wants to access his performance before putting pen to paper as he is an Arsenal man who won’t like to stay on to the detriment of the squad, I read the interview and knew how the media were going to interpret it. I was not in a bit surprised when I saw the media interpret it as “Wenger does not plan staying on after the end of his present contract”. Talk about putting a twist to every news. Sighs.
I believe Arsene is being reasonable in his assessment of the situation and I think he will later sign a new contract to keep him at the club. As much as I try to remain balanced in my assessment of the situation, I believe Arsene is the best man to take us forward and even if he is going to eventually leave the club, he should not leave while we are going through this trophyless drought as that is what most people will remember him for. He has already laid the foundation for a great team, all we need is a little tweaking and the trophies will roll in. It will be unfair if he leaves now and the next coach feeds off the foundation to win trophies, people will forget who laid the foundation, they’ll just assume that he was not good enough to win a trophy. That’s just sentiments though, we should judge a team by the way it plays and if the manager is the best when it comes to moving the club forward and on that basis alone, I think Arsene deserves to stay. How many managers can do what Arsene is doing with a shoe-string budget? We’ll just have to wait to see how things pan out, If we end up winning a trophy this season, I’m sure the media will have some “humble-pie” to feed on.

Talking about people eating an “humble pie”, Bacary Sagna has been given a bit of a telling off after his idiotic interview to the press where he bemoaned the sale of Alex Song and “Robbing Van Pursestrings” and also questioned the club’s ambitions. Arsene said:

“I believe any player or any employee always had to defend the company he works for. And if he is not completely happy with it, then he has to go somewhere else. That is what I say to everybody.”

Exactly my post in my earlier post where I said Sagna was right to be sad about the sales of the players but he was wrong to have said such to the media. Its like a staff of CocaCola talking to the press about the problems at CocaCola. This type of thing can not happen in a normal world, it seems these footballers live in a world of their own and are not bound by the real world’s principles.
I am also glad that Wenger is getting a bit ruthless with these spoilt brats who seem to think they are doing Arsenal a favour by playing for the club. Arsene later played a little nice by adding this

“It will be discussed. I expect him to stay and I want him to stay. The interview does not really reflect at all the love he has for this club because he has always shown total commitment on the football pitch – for the team and the club.”

But I believe that he made his point clear to Sagna in the first bit and also every other Arsenal player who might be using Arsenal as a means to get in the papers. I see Messi in the papers everyday, and not by what he says but what he does on the pitch. A footballer should do most of the talking on the football pitch. I guess they need to learn a bit from Bendtner who raised the bar on himself higher than what his generation can achieve.

With regards to Bendtner, Gialunca VialI had a bit to say

“I think that Juventus did well purely strategically. After they found out that it was impossible to get a big star, they were wise enough not to spend crazy money on a player who is not guaranteed to lift the club.
I think Bendtner can do well if he does not try to be better than he is. From time to time he tries to do something special but it’s not his job. He should leave that for Mirko Vucinic. He should focus on his physical strength in the box. In that case he can score many goals.”

I think Bendtner is now at the stage in his career where he has a lot to prove clubwise as he is not bad while playing for the national team, all he has to do is stick with the basics as Viali said and try hard not to impress to boost his own hype. He is a good player on his day but he has to be more consistent. I wish him all the very best over there as a good performance will fetch a good transfer fee. 😀

News about the team is a bit positive as it has been reported that Szscesny is fully fit enough to face the saints on saturday. Diaby and TW14 are to be accessed to find out if they’ll be fit enough for the match, with Diaby said to be 50-50. Rosicky, Sagna, Frimpong and Wilshere are all pencilled down to be back with the first team soon. I can’t remember when last we had little injury worries. It seems this season is going to be a good one, I am typing this with my fingers crossed. Let’s just hope and pray for the best.

Sleek will be back tomorrow with the match preview. Thanks for reading.

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