Giroud Should Please Talk Less. The Arsenal “Will” Of Old Is Back.


Good morning, folks. Its a Monday!!! I used to hate Mondays back then but now, I have come to live with it because no matter how much I hate seeing it, it’s still gonna come anyway.

I have to be somewhere early this morning so I will have to rush through this post, I hope you understand. Its Monday. Sighs*.
There isn’t much to discuss in the world of Arsenal so that should help.

Olivier Giroud has been talking to the press AGAIN and I seem to worry about his press loving attitude, he should know It is not rocket science that these press people will always chip in the question “Mr Olivier, How do you feel having scored 000 goals since you joined Arsenal”. These same people have seen his recent interviews with other newspapers but they won’t stop at it, they’ll keep coming and once you keep answering them, they won’t stop coming. I think Olivier has to shelve the nice boy act for a little while and concentrate on his football till maybe he scores a goal at least. Talking about his lack of goals will only make an issue out of the matter, I have faith in him that he’ll score, he has confidence in himself too so that is what matters. Talking about it everyday raises the expectation on him, makes him desperate to score and thereby makes him “freeze up more” in front of goal. In case you’ll like to read what he said;

“I feel that my first few weeks at the club have been a success and I feel good at the club. I settled down quickly due to the number of French players here and there is a lot of French spoken so it’s easier for us but I am trying to learn English as quickly as possible in order to communicate with the non-French players. But I feel really good in this team and we are connecting more and more on a daily basis thanks to the training sessions. It’s true that I have many opportunities every game so I’m not worried about my first goal. It will happen sooner rather than later.”

Regarding the fact that Arsenal are to play Montpellier in France on Tuesday:

“It’s really strange. It must be destiny but I think that it is a good thing. I didn’t have the time to say goodbye to the Montpellier fans and I think that it will be a very emotional time for me. I spent 2 very good years there that will stay forever in my memories. We will see how it goes but emotions and feelings will have to be put aside for 90 minutes in order to do my job and ensure that we win the game.”

In other Arsenal news, Arsene Wenger has praised Gervinho for the good job he did against the saints on saturday, I am sure I will also be delighted if I was in Wenger’s shoes. Using Gervinho as a “false nine” was an experiment used in order to give Olivier Giroud a breather and Gervinho took the chance with both hands, scoring a brace and giving the saints defenders a hell of a day. The smile on Wenger’s face when he talked about Gervinho makes me think that’s a new option he’ll like to try out sometime again. I don’t know if it is on tuesday but I am sure we will try it out again soon. I wil be happy if he can perform the same way against better defenders.

I was telling a friend of mine on thursday that irrespective of the goal difference, I will want us to get another clean sheet on Saturday but he was like any victory will do it for him as he was also sure that what matters to the team is the victory and not the clean sheet. I am sure he will be surprised now when he reads what Mertesacker had to say about Szecsny’s “cock up”. Mertesacker said;

“It’s his first game after a bad injury so he needs time but he’s very important for us, We didn’t concede a goal this season in three matches so we wanted to stay like this all the time. It was disappointing but everyone makes mistakes. We’re a team and we have to stick together especially in such moments. Our goalkeeper is important for us, especially in the next few matches. We’re happy to have him here. That wasn’t our FIRST THOUGHT, but our SECOND. We have to keep our chins up, especially him.”

There you have it, folks. The will is back, this smells like the Arsenal of old who were as miserly as my grandma’s friend. Even though we were leading 4-1, they were still angry to have conceded a goal. I hope now that they have given out one goal, they don’t get nice and start giving one more goals like they’re the footballing santa. Long Live the Miserly Arsenal.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. the loss of the clean sheet was quite painful.but positive can be taken from the fact that it was not as a result of poor defensive work bt a keeper-error. the man city and chelsea games r 1s i look 4wod to; true test of our growth.

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