Jack is Back + Some Other Gooner Ramblings

Morning gays. Sorry, guys. Had not-enough sleep last night. Don’t ask what I was doing up. ‘Cause I won’t tell. So this may be a bit rushed. Need to get back in bed.

Well, Goonerverse was pretty noisy yesterday. Gooners around the world started their day by taking over Twitter with the hashtag #Arsenal #TwitterTakeover. Andrei, Vito, Bac and Per were featured. You should take a look at @Arsenal’s TL. Arshavin got to tell us how he feels when standing next to Per; Mannone got to tell us how he felt after Belhanda’s panenka; Sagna told us who his opinion of the most fashionable in the team is and Per told us how much he enjoyed dancing in Nigeria.

A few hours later, we got news that Jack and Frimmers were back training. Good news for Gooners from all corners of the universe (I have some Gooner friends up in Uranus and they phoned me to tell me they had heard and they were so happy). Good to have Jack back. Been 14 loooooong months. Hell, he hasn’t even played with Mikel! Yeah, it’s been that long. Frimmers also; good to have him back training. He’s also had a pretty tough start to his career. But he’s a strong lad; one of the most Arsenal Arsenal players in the present squad.

Arsenal legend, Tony Adams has also shared his thoughts about the team. He said,
“I expect them to score goals, but they can not win the UCL with their current mentality. To actually think you are goin to play Barcelona or Real Madrid…I don’t think this team are good enough to do that.”

Well, Oga Tony is entitled to his opinion. And I dare say he is right. But I have issues with his use of ‘them’, ‘they’ and ‘they’. The use of those to refer to the Arsenal by nasri or adebayour is understandable. By a man referred to as Mr. Arsenal? It’s unacceptable. Also, although he may be right, there’s little we could have done about the squad. We are working our transfers on a budget and there’s no sense keeping a player who has no intentions to stay. He also forgot to add that even Barcelona and RM would never go into a game against the Arsenal and be complacent, ‘current mentality’ or not.

Talking about mentality, the dressing room seems to be buzzing at the moment. Everyone has something nice to say about the other. It is no news that a good dressing room is a factor in good performances on the pitch. Would we have had such if unhappy players had stayed? I doubt. Olivier has been repeatedly defended by team-mates and even Gibbs and Jenko have been receiving praise from Mikel. What better confidence booster than your team-mates or co-workers’ belief in your abilities? Not many that I know of. The ‘praisees’ shouldn’t however let down the ‘praisers’.

AW has pointed at Poldi’s “happy nature” as being behind his successful adaptation. “He is a happy boy, with a happy nature…Overall, he is a positive character.” Le Boss also talked about how he is a hard-worker and a good finisher.

Earlier today, AW had his pre-game press conference.

On the team to visit the Eastlands, it would be the same as travelled to France.

On Wilshere, “we need to manage him well. He needs a few games in the Reserves. Wilshere had ups and downs. He was focused, especially in the last 3months. We have to be a bit cautious.” Says he wants to give him 10days of training before playing his first game.

On Frimmers, “he is a bit in front of Jack on match fitness. He could play tonight for the Reserves.”

On Giroud, “I am very happy with his attitude and his commitment. I’m absolutely convinced he will be successful.”

On Mannone, “this is a good opportunity for him to show the quality that I know he has.”

On the Squad, “I have no doubts about the desire and hunger of my squad. We are quite strong but there is room for improvement. I believe we are a very ambitious Club. We always have a great desire to win.” (someone should help me goan find tony adams oooo. He should coman catch his SUB)

On City, “I expect them to be focused and play well. City game will tell us a lot about our quality and how we handle the big games. If we are at our best, we have a good chance to get a result. The Championship is very tight. This game could have a big influence on the beliefs of both teams.” Le. Boss also did not forget to mention he doesn’t expect the Madrid loss to have any effect on City. Mind games, eh?

In other news, Kos has spokenabout his respect for Aw’s decision to stick with the Per-Verm partnership. ” The central pairing is good at the moment so I do not see why he could change…”

Nasri has also been ruled out of the game against us. He’s rumoured to be out for a month. Would it be safe to think he’s just scared of being frimponged? Illogical, I know. But a makes for a good laugh nonetheless. By the way, I think that word should be added up in the English vocabulary.

Prince Poldi has also talked about having an Arsenal tattoo in “3, 4 years”. Said he likes the Club (pretty obvious in his celebration of goals) and will think of having our tattoo on his left arm. He already has one of Cologne on his right.

For now, folks, this is all. My bed been winking at me since.

HRHLordSleeK…Victoria Concordia Crescit



  1. Smiled thruout this post.nice.as Ɣέڪ,itz bn too long we saw Wilshere on the field playing footie and Ω̶̣̣̥̇̊oτ̣̣̥ jx watchn d match.and d camaraderie in d dressing room z what wud save d team when it does lose to a team.dy wud pik demselvs back up

  2. Smiled thruout this post.nice.and Ɣέڪ,itz bn too long we saw Wilshere on the field playing footie and Ω̶̣̣̥̇̊oτ̣̣̥ jx watchn d match.and d camaraderie in d dressing room z what wud save d team when it does lose to a team.dy wud pik demselvs back up

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