Matters Arising; Szcenesia; Wilshere Returns; Theo on the way out

It is saturday (for the clueless and hung over), and it is one day to the Etihad test for the faithful. Goodmorning, and do read on as I give you my take on things Arsenal and concerning Goonerverse. Note of warning, this is not our preview of the match, that would done by tomorrow morning before the game.

There are issues arising in the Goonerworld. Sure everyone is enjoying the buzz and vibrancy of the current team. I hope it does not stop but that is not possible, being a gooner long enough to have mixed my passionate support of the club with a wee bit of realism (mastermind&sleek note). So, I am not writing today to continue the perpertration of the feelgood buzz nor am I about to do a legrovian.

I am a graduate and I held an executive post while in school. It so happened I was called to answer queries of negligence of duty by congress(those clueless lot with more power than they should have). Anyways, here I was being wrongfully accused and I in my defense, I told the congress it suffered from selective amnesia if it could try to punish me for an a little oversight and not taking into cognisance my efforts and the good I do. Why thr reminisce? It is to show my utmost disgust and disappointment with Gooners suddenly berating Sczesny; all of a sudden remembering his distribution is suspect, he is overconfident, he cost us a clean sheet, he is error-prone, nadaladadah and other sorts of nonsense, and going as far as to say Vito is a better choice. Not taking anything a way from Vito, he is a good back-up, abd that’s what he is. The Pole is in pole position for me the argument is he conceded 49 goals last season, that of course is effing true but then how can you forget that the bulk of those goals were because we had a rickety defense, an indisciplined defensive midfielder and no fullbacks.
Does he exude confidence?YES!! Why would you want a confidence-deprived goalie, why would Gooners want Vito to be in goal and build his confidence on the job?

Criticisms are not bad things but they must be constructive, with more objectivity and less emotion-driven. He is 22 years old, not the finished article yet and would make many more mistakes but he would learn and come good for the Arsenal.

Enough vituperations, onto somethnin else. If the gaffer’s doublespeak is to be interpreted, it seems Theo is being told to shove it or find the nearest exit. When asked about the Theo situation, he said:

“I still hope to sign him and the next two months will be vital because after that, the longer this situation lasts, then the more difficult it is,”

“Let’s hope we can find a solution in
the next two months.”

That reply does not sound like Le Boss is that keen to keep him as we know how he does talk when he wants a player to stay. He starts talking about the player’s quality, his importance etc. This view is further cemented by Theo’s new and assured bench role, losing his place to a seemly rejuvenated Gerv and a fast-learning Oxchambo. If you don’t agree with me, the boss said:

“In terms of January, it will depend on the needs of the team and the club whether we sell him. We can afford to go to the end of the contract if

He really looks like goin with AW sayong his being benched is “not necessarily” cause of the contractual impasse. What in blazes is “not necessarily”. Nothing but AW speaking with his tongue in cheek.

I would be remiss if I do not touch on the Etihad game tomorrow(3pm Nigerian time). The team is getting it first real test on its title-contending credentials. This are the current league champions with match-winning players (a lot of good that has done them this season). They are at home and don’t lose there. So,could it be harder but fret not because this is a disciplined Arsenal side who seem to take their defensive duties very serious. It would be a tight game and no, I am making no prediction.

In other news, Jack Wilshere has returned to training with the first-team after more than a year out of the game. AW and the players had nothing but good things to say about this with Arteta claiming that his return ups the tempo for the fight for places and adds quality to the side.

For those who want to relive the Arteta screamer of a shot-induces win, just go to our old posts and read “You can’t buy Class” and “Class 1 Cash 0”.

Till I come your way again, namaste and Arsene knows.

See you in the comments section.


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  1. hrhlordsleek · · Reply

    Do I smell fear? As you have refused to or shied away from predicting? Anyway, I’m predicting a draw with goals or a Gooner win by a slim margin. We score fiirst, and early, they’d be in for a bashing. That, I’m sure of.

    Welldone with the itasi

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