A Quick Preview: Man City Vs Arsenal

Morning. I am still a bit sleepy but still have to rush somewhere for some business so I hope you’ll understand if I write some parts of this post in Greek. I am sorry that I’ll have to rush through this post, its just the situations of things at hand.

Today is the super Sunday, a day every football neutral will love as we see some of the big dogs taking on one another this afternoon. But I don’t care what happens to the other teams that play today – unless Man Utd and Liverpool play out a draw with RVP, Kagawa, Scholes and Suarez getting injured – don’t say i’m wicked, its just that I don’t care for any other team apart from Arsenal.

A few Goons have been saying this is the match they’ll use to judge if Arsenal are truly title contenders, if Arsenal are better than least season blah blah blah. I just think it is naive to judge a team with one match, because if it was that easy to judge we should all expect Liverpool to be in the top four always as they are no pushovers when playing the big teams. Being a title contender is way more than beating the top teams, it is also making sure that we beat the little ones when they confront us.

Moving on to team news, we have no player injured apart from those who have been injured before the season started i.e Rosicky and Sagna and also Wojech Szcesny, who got injured in the match against Southampton. Wilshere and Frimpong are back in full training but they wont be taking part in this match so we can strike them out of the 18 man squad traveling to North Manchester. I think We’ll line up like this


        Jenkinson Mertesacker Vermaelen Gibbs

                              Arteta, Diaby


     Chamberlain, Gervinho, Podolski

There are quite a few decisions for Wenger to make regarding the team line-up with regards to the Mertesacker/Koscielny situation, a few people believe that he should be used because he was our best defender last season and he can match City’s striker pace-wise but as good as he is I do wonder if the boss can justify breaking up a back four that’s has been playing very well and blending with every match they play. I believe Koscielny is a professional and will understand the situation of things.
I believe Olivier Giroud has been under lots of pressure lately and he can do with a breather as he will be put in the “main” with this match, performing badly in this sort of match might really affect his confidence. I also think using Gervinho as a false 9 has a lot of benefits to the team as it will help drag City’s defenders wide leaving holes to pick in the middle. Using a target man might it easier for city to defend against. Its just a theory i learnt somewhere and as they say that every rule has an exception, don’t bite me when you see Giroud start and score a hat-trick. 😀

Since Walcott does not stand a chance of starting the match too, no thanks to his messy contract situation, i think we are going to use Chamberlain on the right as long as Gervinho plays the “false 9” position but if Giroud starts, Gervinho will def be on the right.
I really hope we win this match… at least for the confidence of the team as Arsene also agrees that victory over City will give the players a psychological edge. I believe we’ll get at least a draw in the match and I will be watching the match with optimism.

Sorry if the post looks “unbalanced”, I’ll make up for it in subsequent posts.
Long Live Arsenal.



  1. hrhlordsleek · · Reply

    Long live the Arsenal!

    Don’t think Giroud should start either.

    1. Giroud shld preferably make a 65th minute entry.when Kompany z tired and e can use his strenght to full advantage.

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