Monthly Archives: October 2012

Arsene Open Your Eyes!

Well, I have avoided posting for some couple of weeks now. Yes, it’s no error. I meant to type ‘avoided’. There has been nothing noteworthy to talk about Arsenal that most aren’t talking about everywhere already. It really is sad. So sad I’m now numb from the sadness. And instead of the deep sighs that […]

Where is the fire?

This post was written by Jaycrown, a guest writer and gooner friend of many gooner heartaches. Do enjoy. Tell me I am wrong! It’s the end of a bad or hectic week and you reach that moment when all you look forward to is the 90 minutes of dazzle. That instant of time when you […]

Deafening Silence In The Gooner World

Morning Goons. Nothing has really been happening in the Gooner world so I guess you’ll understand if I dish out a short post today. Ivan Gazidis has been talking again about the usual bullsh*t he talks about regularly; self sustainability, financial fairplay and the likes.  its quite funny to see a CEO that is so […]

Return of the Counter? | The Spine of The Arsenal | Theo Signing Da Ting?| Return of the Bac

Evening Gooner Fam. I’m taking a detour from my usual practise of typing my thoughts directly onto a device, usually my mobile. I’m actually penning my thoughts this time; no thanks to the absence of power in the village where I reside. Been a while I was here and does it feel good to be […]

Heads Up: Wilshere Returns; Arteta A Probablity.

Goodmorning. Yes, it’s being a while you saw me. Today, I have decided to shed my mourning clothes, break my silence, step out of my self-imposed hibernation, shake of the dust of lethargy, get back to being the diehard Gooner I profess to be (not to worry, it is a process all Gooners are used […]