Heads Up: Wilshere Returns; Arteta A Probablity.

Goodmorning. Yes, it’s being a while you saw me.

Today, I have decided to shed my mourning clothes, break my silence, step out of my self-imposed hibernation, shake of the dust of lethargy, get back to being the diehard Gooner I profess to be (not to worry, it is a process all Gooners are used to)…and apologies to those of you who read this blog regularly. The silence shall not be repeated.

Since that painful loss to Chelsea at the Emirates on Sunday (there would be no blame casting…ok,what the eff is wrong with Vito. He coulda, shoulda saved at least one of the goals), the buzz that surrounded the team and its followers has mellowed. I mellowed, but now I see we do the players a disservice by not believing in them cause of a blip in a somewhat impressive start to the season. Barring Vito (who I would not mind flaying), every player gave everything. Some of course would point to Giroud’s miss, I say bollocks. His misses are becoming rampant but I still trust in him. It is a 5-game old league.

In other news, Wilshere did make his so-so much anticipated return to football against West Brom U-21. He did not shine like a million stars, as he seemed lacking of match fitness (to be expected of course) but he was reported not to have lost his touches and understanding of the game in the 63 minutes he was on the pitch. This is not just exciting news for the fans but it seems players are also excited. Frimpong had this to say:

“After 14 months out he did very, very well. He can be pleased with his performance today. When you have been out for so long it’s only natural
that you’re going to be tired.

He needs more games to get back fit playing again and I think the England and Arsenal fans should be excited to see him back playing again. I’m happy to see him back with a smile on his

Well, I sure am excited to see him playing and also happy to see the smile back on his face. He is a great addition to any team.

Sagna is also back training with the senior team. It is not all rosy as Arteta is only a probablity for the UCL tie against Olympiacos on Wednesday. He is said to have sustained an ankle injury in training. He is an iffy though Diaby is definitely out and I hope Sczesny is fit; Vito is just not it.

In case you wondering what good came of my imposed hiatus, here they are. It reinforced my belief in this team; I reminded myself why, for me, it would always be Victoria Concordia Crescit.

Long live the Arsenal.


One comment

  1. nice post, bro. I guess we’ll see wilshere on d bench this weekend. It’ll be good to finally see him in the team… Let’s see how long ur patience with Giroud will last.

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