Deafening Silence In The Gooner World

Morning Goons.

Nothing has really been happening in the Gooner world so I guess you’ll understand if I dish out a short post today.
Ivan Gazidis has been talking again about the usual bullsh*t he talks about regularly; self sustainability, financial fairplay and the likes.  its quite funny to see a CEO that is so predictable, he talks about the same thing everytime and yet we see no major improvement in the silverware and commercial front, yet he was deemed fit to get an increment in salary. What’s the point in increasing his salary when he hasnt done anything to deserve it? I’ll just prefer him to keep quiet till he has something worthwhile and tangible to talk about.

He also went further to say;

“I don’t think Arsene is conservative, I think he is extraordinarily brave. I think he does things others don’t do and sees things others don’t see.

Arsene is not fixed on the price of a player in assessing a player’s value, he will look with equal weight at a young player who is coming through the Arsenal academy and a player that might be available with a very hefty price tag from overseas.

He is not afraid to spend money when he believes in a player and sees a player he thinks can kick us forward but he is not obsessed with the security that a big transfer fee might give him.”

What I find baffling is the way he said Arsene is not afraid to spend money when he could not pay a couple of extra millions for Alonso and decided to stick with Denilson. I do not know what these people take us for, if you’ll lie, lie sensibly and not just come outside and open your mouth thinking fans are dumb. It is no secret that Arsene is one of the most conservative managers in world history, our record signing is 15 million, we used Arshavin as a striker when we could have bought chamakh a few seasons ago in order to get chamakh on a free that summer. What else defines conservative?

It has been reported that Laurent Koscielny got injured while training with the french national team yesterday. it was first said to be a serious injury by a lot of people on twitter until Julien Laurens came over to inform us that it wasnt serious and that he has a chance of starting france’s friendly on friday. I hope he sits it out, its just a friendly so there’s no need to risk aggravating the minor injury.

The Telegraph also reported that Arsene Wenger has informed his scouts to look at a few strikers that we might snap up in January. I do not know what to make of this story as the Arsene I know is not a fan of signing players in January but I guess things seem to have changed with the man. Signing a striker will be hugely beneficial to the team but I think it will be better if we can sign a striker with premier league experience. That should help in striking off the problems of adapting to the premier league. The only thing that this is going to confirm is that, Chamakh’s days at the club are numbered and it seems we will soon be seeing MC29 leave the club.

Thats all I’ve got for now.

Have yourself a lovely day.


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