Where is the fire?

This post was written by Jaycrown, a guest writer and gooner friend of many gooner heartaches. Do enjoy.

Tell me I am wrong!

It’s the end of a bad or hectic week and you reach that moment when all you look forward to is the 90 minutes of dazzle. That instant of time when you feel that a perfect display of craftsmanship would spark the needed joy you so craved, that moment when you resolve that a brilliant display and an array of goals would turn around your sour week and usher you into a blissful week of game moments to recap with friends.

If I am not mistaken, all these expectations seem all too familiar with any devoted arsenal fan out there. For seven years, we have had our hopes heightened and dashed. With each year comes a ray of hope and a promise of silverware. I watched the saddest 90 minutes of football in recent times as a gunner yesterday. My hope for a great game was dashed and an already sour weekend aggravated. There and then, I pointed out three major talking points. The lack of plan B by the coach, the ever fallacious myth of bad performance after international breaks and a bunch of players who forgot they were footballers.

I mean! Manchester city pulled out a win with 10 men and united rallied from a goal down, champions stuff! After all, both teams had players on international duties as well. In essence, I see no case in wenger always trying to rationalize the consequences of international breaks on team performance. We can rant on and on about depth in squad and injury woes but I share a different view. The squad we have is sufficient; every player just needs to give a 110% each time they are called upon.
Then to a more salient point which I have advocated over the years; the reoccurring and seemingly lack of plan B by ‘Mr. Wenger”. Its certain every team we play would try to close us down and deny our midfielders’ creative space but more often than not, the coach has had no solution to this peculiar problem. When he does have a plan, the plot comes too late in the game. Gervinho should have been off on the 60th minute mark yesterday and Ramsey had no business in the game with that poor work rate.

In all, I am yet to see that champion’s stuff. The team has displayed excellence in cameos but if that level is not maintained on a consistent level, we might be in for another long hurtful season. Please do tell if I went wrong!
13th year gunner!



  1. See, u just have to understand that Arsenal are no longer a big team. We r never gonna stop experiencing the same BS we av bn experiencing for the past 8 years. We are a selling team that will never win a trophy till our manager leaves. My advice, lower your expectations for more performances like that will come up. Wanna see the fire? Sack Wenger. But since we have no such powers, forget errtn concerning fire and embrace the dross u av. The trophyless run is here to stay.

  2. Well..u can like to put an end 2 ur seemingly unending frustration…d Bridge is always open 2 refugees!!*wink

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