Goodmorning and welcome. Being a while (more than just a while. I know, I know) *blows cobwebs**opens windows*. But back I am.

This piece has no news. It is just an outpouring. Do read and bear with me. Gooners would understand.

Football is more than just a game(apologies to Guinness), it is a source of livelihood, it is a “relaxant”, it is a tool for unity(there are reports german and british soldiers took breaks in the war to play footie during one of the world wars), it is passion-inspiring, it is life and alive. Many years ago, I watched an EPL match and fell in love with the team leading, that team is Arsenal (used to think it was owned by Arsene sef) and supported the team since; a decision I don’t regret. Since the last post on this blogsite, the Arsenal has been consistent in its inconsistency; an inconsistency bordering on the mediocre. Plays made were infuriatingly lethargic, the team looked short of ideas, no one seemed capable of taking the team by the scruff of the neck and, by sheer will and singleness of purpose, make it grind out a win. Tragic, especially if you, like yours sincerely, was lucky to watch the likes of Vieira, Henry et al live (clips and youtube are poor substitutes for seeing them live). My optimism, which defies logic, has been shaken, my fire almost doused, my belief tested. However, it is not dead, this support of the Arsenal by me.

The discerning would of course have linked the tomb-like silence of this blog to the far below par display by the Arsenal. It would not recur. We are wedded, for better for worse it is.

So, now, I am stoking the fire that used to burn. I am gingering the spirit that seems dying. I have decided to take the poor displays, contractual impasse(s?), lethargic passes, Gervinhoesque idiocies and the other tripes in stride cos when you are at the bottom, the only way is up. It is a mantra,one I am tired of but which I would hold on to,next season might be it.

Till I come your way again,Victoria Concordia Crescit…and…Arsene knows.*runs away*.

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  1. Am ur number one fan #Oladapo*KISSES*def sure u going places……God bleSs u

  2. Arsene Knows Nothing

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