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Victoria Concordia Crescit

This post isn’t by one but 3 diehard gooners I know, yours sincerely included. Do read on. Well worth it. @drasaq01: I have never written a post-title winning piece. Today, that has changed. I was too ill to see the game. Had to rely on the internet and @hrhlordsleek for updates. Did this take the […]

Hull City Preview|Sagna out|Stoning The Transfer Window

Good morning. Midweek games are up with the fun games really being played today after being treated to some prehistoric, gladiatorial, boring footie yesterday.(It is a mark of the match level when Maroune scores the only goal; actually when Maroune scores at all).Enough with that, on to the Arsenal. The tube strike allowing, Arsenal would […]


Goodmorning and welcome. Being a while (more than just a while. I know, I know) *blows cobwebs**opens windows*. But back I am. This piece has no news. It is just an outpouring. Do read and bear with me. Gooners would understand. Football is more than just a game(apologies to Guinness), it is a source of […]

Where is the fire?

This post was written by Jaycrown, a guest writer and gooner friend of many gooner heartaches. Do enjoy. Tell me I am wrong! It’s the end of a bad or hectic week and you reach that moment when all you look forward to is the 90 minutes of dazzle. That instant of time when you […]

Heads Up: Wilshere Returns; Arteta A Probablity.

Goodmorning. Yes, it’s being a while you saw me. Today, I have decided to shed my mourning clothes, break my silence, step out of my self-imposed hibernation, shake of the dust of lethargy, get back to being the diehard Gooner I profess to be (not to worry, it is a process all Gooners are used […]

When is it ok to not be afraid? A trip down memory lane

Goodmorning. This post was inspired by friends with whom I have shared many gooner moments; pain, near-losses, victory, joy, increduility, magic, beauty, the invincible season…you name it. We seen it all in the decade and more since we signed our allegiance over to the Arsenal. It is a trip with bumps, fun and dull moments; […]

Matters Arising; Szcenesia; Wilshere Returns; Theo on the way out

It is saturday (for the clueless and hung over), and it is one day to the Etihad test for the faithful. Goodmorning, and do read on as I give you my take on things Arsenal and concerning Goonerverse. Note of warning, this is not our preview of the match, that would done by tomorrow morning […]