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Arsene Open Your Eyes!

Well, I have avoided posting for some couple of weeks now. Yes, it’s no error. I meant to type ‘avoided’. There has been nothing noteworthy to talk about Arsenal that most aren’t talking about everywhere already. It really is sad. So sad I’m now numb from the sadness. And instead of the deep sighs that […]

Return of the Counter? | The Spine of The Arsenal | Theo Signing Da Ting?| Return of the Bac

Evening Gooner Fam. I’m taking a detour from my usual practise of typing my thoughts directly onto a device, usually my mobile. I’m actually penning my thoughts this time; no thanks to the absence of power in the village where I reside. Been a while I was here and does it feel good to be […]

A Draw and The Satisfaction of Three Points

NOTE: This post was written and scheduled for this morn. Due to some powers that be however, it only just got posted. Decided to post as it is for the sake of originality. Enjoy! Morning people. If I had written this immediately after the match yesterday, it would have been full of a whole lot […]

Jack is Back + Some Other Gooner Ramblings

Morning gays. Sorry, guys. Had not-enough sleep last night. Don’t ask what I was doing up. ‘Cause I won’t tell. So this may be a bit rushed. Need to get back in bed. Well, Goonerverse was pretty noisy yesterday. Gooners around the world started their day by taking over Twitter with the hashtag #Arsenal #TwitterTakeover. […]

Montpellier vs Arsenal; A Preview

Morn folks. I still have the occasional buzz resulting from Saturday’s win. Not as strong as after the win at Liverpool, but a buZzzzZz nonetheless. The UCL is upon us. We face Montpellier today in France, the first of four matches in two weeks which will see us face the French, English and European champs. […]

A Preview: Arsenal vs Southampton

Most of us that use the legedes benz know that feeling, that relief, when we have been waiting for a bus since forever and one finally comes along. I’m awash with a likeness of that relief. The EPL is back after a 2-week hiatus and am I glad it is. How did I even not […]

Footieless Times

Morning people. How are we today? *insert reply here* As most know, there has been no elite footie business for about a little over a week now. Reminds me of that time when the last season ended. But even at that time, we had transfer speculation to keep us busy. With this break in football […]